Darkness Dreaming is also be available as a monthly subscription via Patreon!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a service that allows creatives to offer a monthly support option.
When you sign up, your account will be automatically charged monthly.
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  • STRANGE TIER: For $1+ a month, you will have access to the PDF 1+ weeks after the physical quarterly publication gets shipped out.

  • DARK DREAMER TIER: For $5+ a month, after 3 payments you will get the physical publication with a bonus 4x6 print and quick sketch in the magazine.

  • DREAM EXPLORER TIER: This is the BONUS PACKAGE tier! For $15+ a month, after 3 payments you get the Darkness Dreaming publication with internal quicksketch, the 4x6 mini print, A small original work of art (of my choosing - (at least 4"x6" - it could be a drawing, or a mixed media experiment)

  • CONJURER OF DREAMS TIER: This is the ART COMMISSION SPONSOR TIER! For $50+ a month, after 3 payments you will get the publication with a quick inside sketch, the 4x6 mini print, and a PORTRAIT: You get one personalized portrait which will be featured in the publication. Your portrait can be otherworldly, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or just straight up lifelike portrait. Average size: 9"x12", medium chosen by artist after discussing with patron. Larger sizes available for extra external costs. This is a physical portrait - the original work of art will be mailed to you along with the publication.Your name (or nickname) will be listed in the magazine as a sponsor. (If this sounds like fun, but you don't want to sign up through patreon we can do this outside of patreon!)

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